Consulting for Custom Barn Building

equestrian living

With our custom barn building and equestrian lifestyle services we offer a wide ranging level encompassing all building and maintenance needs of modern equestrian facilities. We don’t just build a barn, we build an equestrian lifestyle. Our custom barn building services are designed with both your family and your valuable equestrian family in mind for the utmost comfort. We are here to help you implement the way you want to live. No matter what your needs are or the size of any project, ¬†we have hundreds of custom barn plans to chose from and we strive to provide you with the most complete range in custom barn building and services, including:

Consulting for Custom Barn Building, Equestrian Construction, Equestrian Lifestyle, Repair, Remodeling/Renovation and Upgrading Services for:


Custom Barn Facilities
Barn Living, Lounging and Office Integrations
Riding Arenas
Storage Facilities
Viewing Stands and Platforms
Site Clearing
Watering & Drainage Implementations
Ponds and other Waterworks

Other equestrian services we offer;

Construction Planning and Consulting

Design Services

We provide a full range of design and drafting services. Check out our simple 2D illustrations to complete building blueprints and 3D renderings. Our staff uses only the latest and best in technology to visualize and facilitate all stages of the design process. Our custom horse barns and equestrian living offer a wide variety of lifestyle choices for you. We do custom designs for your living needs.